Motivation letter example

Motivation letter example: How to start?

Writing a good motivation letter is not an easy task. We would like to help you with a motivation letter and the necessary explanation.

How do you start a motivation letter? How do you best describe the layout of this letter? What should I include in my motivation letter? Are there motivational letters examples that I can not use? These questions and much more can all be found on and of course our motivational letter example is available on this website for you.

You have already taken the first step in the right direction, seeking help to write the best motivation letter. Please use our motivation letter as a basis. Do research about the company, employees and competition so you are not ignorant of the company, their activities and the market in which it is playing. If you fail to do this, they will discover that you didn’t do some research. Our motivation letter example also used a specific company to make it as realistic as possible. It’s a little effort to review the company over the internet and will help you a lot in the writing of your motivation letter.

Motivation letter example: Layout

The layout of our motivation letter examples were reasonably simple. It is not your intention that your (hopefully) future employer will receive a over-motivated motivation letter. The golden rule: Keep your motivation letter tight and simple. In the example motivation letter, you can see that we first use a default headline, such as in a regular letter, at the top left, your name and address will be given first. After some white rules, the contact person and the address of the company to be contacted will also be included in the motivation letter. Then you can start with your own motivation on paper, why you just want to work within this company and nowhere else. Do not forget, as you can see in the example, the date and place of writing. This is an essential element in formulating a formal letter of motivation.

Motivation letter example: Structure

motivation-letter-example-letters-pictureA motivation letter, like most articles, blog posts or other written sources, has a fixed structure. Our motivation letter examples clearly show that there are three different motivation letter construction parts to be dealt with. We also advise you to use these components used in the motivation letter example so that you can work structured. In this way, the person who will read your motivation letter can quickly determine whether or not you are fit for the job. The three different parts mentioned in our motivational letter example are:
– the introduction
– the middle
– the final
The standard paragraphs used in almost any written letter. Below we have briefly described what you should mention in each part of your motivation letter. We would also like to refer to our various motivation letter examples, such as a motivational letter example for internship, which can visually show what we mean by the description below. A motivation letter used by students to acquire a student job consists of a completely different structure than the structure explained below. Look for the differences our motivation letter example for a student job.

– Motivation letter example: the introduction

One thing is very important when writing the introduction of your motivation letter, which can also be noted in our motivation letter example. Start your motivation letter with power! In our motivation letter example, you will see that the introduction is immediately to-the-point. Please follow the example motivation letter as company managers or Human Resource Managers often have very little time to read these motivation letters. So keep this in mind as in the motivation letter example and make it in your own letter preferably even better.
In the introduction of our motivation letter example, the function that the candidate wants to fill in, as well as his motivation, explains why he or she wants that function. Close the introduction carefully, so that you can seamlessly switch to the center as in the motivation letter example.

– Motivation letter example: the middle

The motivation letter example consists of three major parts including the middle. This part of the motivation letter serves to describe your personality characteristics and experiences that relate to the job you are applying for. In the motivation letter example you can see that these competencies and experiences are described briefly and clear. Keep in mind that you want to generate the interest of the business so they will invite you for a job interview. So do not give all your competencies and experiences away in your motivation letter! Keep them interested.

– Motivation letter example: the final

What should be mentioned in your motivation letter final? In this way, as in the motivation letter example, you will find a brief summary / conclusion why you would like to fill in this function and why you are just the right person. Also refer to the attachments like mentioned in the example letter. An attachment may include your resume.

Motivation letter example: tips

    • Always keep your language in business style. In the motivation letter example, informal language is not used once. Do not overdo this with rigid and clich√© expressions.
    • Use your own motivation letter. Not every company expects a standard motivation letter example adapted to your own and own competencies. Often companies want to see an original motivation letter, not a classically modified motivation letter example. Beware if you try, to keep the apearence as firm and tight as possible.
    • Language and grammar errors are not allowed. Motivation letters with errors are immediately discarded. Use a good spell checking tool to prevent these errors.
    • Be to-the-point: Please read our motivation letter example. Short sentences and active verbs can make a big difference.
    • Do not just copy a motivation letter example. If you are going to use an example letter, please change the addressee at least.
    • The lengthof our motivation letter example is a page. Also try to limit your motivation letter to an A4 format.

Need concrete examples?
We would love to give you some tips and hope to be well employed. On the other hand, we know from experience that concrete examples can give you a better picture. For this reason, we also want to give you the opportunity to download such examples. We would like to refer to our various motivation letter examples, such as a motivation letter example for internship. A motivation letter used by students to gain a student job.
A standard example motivation letter for the jobseekers among us who want to imagine how they just want that job and no one else.