Motivation letter example student

Example student motivation letter

Students what do they do? Studying, kidding, partying, drinking beer, … Everyone knows this!

Unfortunately, there is also a downside. They also need to earn money to continue to finance this. For this purpose, they are often looking for a holiday or student job during the year. Companies would like to know in advance who is working for them and what kind of motivation they have. Students must therefore also compile a motivation letter and resume and send these papers before they can get a job interview or vacation job. Below this page you see an example with the title “Motivation letter example student”, you can download this example (in word or pdf) where you can see a clear structure of how to best describe such a motivation letter for a student job.

In their last year students often need practical experience in order to complete their studies by doing an internships. Here we also thought about. On our website you can find a motivation letter example internship for your internship applying.

Motivaton letter example student

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After downloading the example, the student motivation letter can now be written.


Are you not looking for this motivation letter example? Then look forward to our other motivation letter examples. Are you a student, jobseeker, working, retired, …?

Everybody can find the right example motivation letter here.
We recommend that you use one of these examples as your own motivation letter. Use them as a start to write your motivation letter in a clear way! Succes writing.