Motivation letter examples

Motivation letter examples to download

Do you want to know how to write the perfect motivation letter to get your dream job? Then you’re here at the right place!

Below we have a standard motivation letter example. Before you begin, you should first read all the tips, based on our motivation letter example, about writing down an excellent motivation letter.

Are you looking for a job? Or looking for a new challenge / job? Then this motivation letter will probably save you a lot of time. The motivation letter below is made up of a number of elements:

At the top of the motivation letter, start with your own name and address in this way:
– Your first name and name
– Street name + house number
– Zip code and city

Like your own name and address, you write the contact details of your company contact in the following (slightly different) way:
– “Mr.” or “Ms.” first name and name
– Function + Company
– Street name + house number
– Zip code and city

Date and place
Important! Do not forget to mention or modify the date and place of the time you wrote the motivation letter.
Place this under the two addresses on the right side of the letter. In the following way:
City Name, Date [yyyyy month dd]

Subject line
Clearly state that it is a job application. Company executives or managers will not see your full motivation letter before they know what exactly this will be.

Business is the rule! A clear business appeal is also part of this. It’s an official document and you want to show respect, so we use the appeal:
“Dear Sir” or “Dear Ms.” + Name,

This part of the motivation letter will of course be expanded. Take a lot of time in setting up a good motivation, remembering that you only get one chance to impress through a sheet of paper. It has to be done one time right! You ant more information about building this motivation? Take a look at our motivation letter example below and check for yourself how it was drafted. In addition to this powerful motivation, you must also compile a resume.

Close your letter with a business greeting. ‘Sincerely’ can be used this sounds like a formal correspondence. So We propose to use the following greeting:
First name + name ”

Real motivation letter example for download
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The motivation letter can now be written.
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